When possible ask the Deaf person/ASL or LSQ person for their preferred interpreter(s).

Referral Agencies

Various agencies offer ASL-English and/or LSQ-French interpreting services. Terms of service are based on the agency’s standards and rates.

For more information on agencies that may service your local area contact Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf:



Phone: 416-449-9651

Fax: (416) 449-8881

TTY: (416) 449-2728

Freelance Interpreters

When booking a freelance interpreter, terms of service are negotiated directly between you and the interpreter(s).

Remember that every situation is different with different requirements for your interpretation service needs.

If possible, you can ask the ASL/LSQ person who their preferred interpreters are and their contact information.

Did you know?

Some organizations have a larger number of Deaf employees so they have interpreters on staff to cover specific services.

If working with an organization that has staff interpreters make sure you clarify if they are available for your meeting. Do not assume.