Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a service that allows an interpreter to work remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam. This service can be used when both the Deaf individual and a hearing individual are in the same room, or remotely. When it is not possible to have an on-site interpreter, VRI is a great alternative resource to use to access interpreting services. There are many different VRI companies across Canada to chose from.


Video Relay Service (VRS) is a service that enables Deaf or hard of hearing individuals to make and receive calls (over the internet or using cellular technology) through a sign language interpreter in real time. Only Deaf or hard of hearing individuals can register for VRS, but anyone may call registered users.

Video Conferences

Now that video conferencing has become so popular, it is important to think about accessibility and how to properly incorporate interpreters. Visit our resources page to learn more.